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What all of these have in common?

Society6 by PinkNounou - 1

They were all illustrated by me and are being sold at my Society6 shop :)

They have lot’s of fun products and you can choose to print my illustrations on them – the range goes from art prints, posters, wall murals, pillows, curtains, furniture, mugs, iPhone cases, pouches, tote bags, t-shirts, stationary… Just go there to see them all.


O que tem todos estes produtos em comum? Foram ilustrados por mim e estão todos à venda na minha loja Society6.

Lá tem imensos produtos para escolher e imprimir com as minhas ilustrações – a variedade é grande só tem de decidir ;) desde posters, murais de parede, almofadas de todos os tamanhos e feitios, cortinas, mobiliário, canecas, autocolantes, capas para iPhone, bolsas, sacos, t-shirts… Vão dar uma espreitada e depois digam-me quais preferem :)

Society6 by PinkNounou - 2

Society6 by PinkNounou - 3

Society6 by PinkNounou - 4

Society6 by PinkNounou - 5


big Winter SALE on my online shop

Winter Sale 2019 PinkNounou - 2

Yes it’s time for my gift to you :)  – big discounts and a big SALE on my shop.

Just email me if you have any questions or need more quantities than the ones listed – but hurry because the stock is running out…


Sim, chegou a altura de vos dar um pequeno, grande presente :)  – é altura de SALDOS na minha loja.

Qualquer dúvida é só mandarem-me um email, ou se quiserem mais quantidades do que está listado – mas rápido que o stock de algumas coisas está a acabar…


We are on SALES!


We are on *SALES* mode at our shop! - Yay!! Big, super friendly discounts on lot’s of goodies!
Head over to my shop to the sale category to see it all.

. square pillows - now 15€
. shapped pillows – now 12€
. zipper pouches – now 13€
. season dolls – now 13€
. pillow dolls with tales – now 15€
. Amelia dolls - now 15€
. bibs - now 6€
. art prints - now 7€

These are just a few you have more products here.


Estamos em modo de *SALDOS* na loja!  - Yay!! Grandes descontos em montes de produtos, toca a despachar que alguns já existem em poucas quantidades ;)
Podem ver tudo na secção sale.

almofadas quadradas - now 15€
almofadas com formas - now 12€
bolsas com fecho zipper - now 13€
. bonecas estações - now 13€
. bonecos almofada com histórias - now 15€
. bonecas Amélia - now 15€
. babetes - now 6€
. prints A4 - now 7€

Estes são só alguns para verem tudo basta ir aqui.


saldos4 saldos5



Back to school with my pencil cases :)


The school year already started in some places in others is about to begin – my daughter school starts in about a week – if you still didn’t bought a pencil case I have plenty cute designs in my shop.
Or you can grab one for you ;)


As escola está quase quase a começar, se ainda não compraram bolsas de lápis, há muitas disponíveis na minha loja – vários desenhos diferentes para animar o início do ano escolar ;)



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Let’s go back to school?…


Are you preparing things for your kids back to school? Around here school just started and things have been busy :)
If you are looking for fun and different pencil cases I have a few designs to choose from – and in the end you can always borrow from them ;)
The pouches exist in six designs all available at my shop.


Se andam numa correria a preparar as coisas para a escola dos miúdos – é normal :) Faz parte da época…
Se andam à procura de bolsas para lápis e outros materiais, um pouco diferentes e mais divertidas, então passem pela minha loja para dar uma vista de olhos na colecção – existem seis desenhos diferentes disponíveis aqui.
E depois sempre podem, de vez em quando, pedi-la emprestada… ;)

© PinkNounou

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Mother’s Day gift suggestions from PinkNounou


Browse to my shop to find a sweet, special gift to surprise mum!

An illustration cutout in felt, to decorate your walls
Notebooks with a cutout cover
An unique fabric necklace
iPad cases in light gray or white
A sweet birds illustration cutout in a fine paper
Shopping bags
Cosmetic pouches in several different designs


Passem pela minha loja para encontrar uma surpresa especial para a vossa mum :)

Vou estar no mercado do jardim da Estrela – sábado e domingo (das 10h às 19h) – apareçam para dizer Olá e ver as peças ao vivo e a cores ;)
Mais info aqui.


gift sugestion for Valentine’s day


I think that St Valentine’s day is more than a romantic day, it can be more a day where you celebrate with the ones that are really important to you – whether they are your friends, your boyfriend / husband / girlfriend…, your parents, sisters and brothers, your sweet kids,… The special people in your life.

If you want a special gift why not this canvas pouch? :)
It’s the perfect size to carry makeup, pencils, notebooks, documents, computer cables or other accessories when traveling – even the mobile phone or glasses are protected because is fully padded.
And it’s hand assembled with lot’s of ♥ – as everything I make :)

© PinkNounou



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Which are your favorites?


Although I started this year in a very slow mode – it’s hard staying focused – my head is always bursting with ideas, which is good, but on the other hand it generates caos in my head so I struggle to decide which ideas are best to take ahead…
I think I’ve already said that I’m an organized person, I like / need organization but I’m not good straightening my ideas and deciding (fast) on what’s worth working on.
Does this only happens with me? Any one there with the same issues? ;)

So in order to start this new year with a clear mind I want to ask for your help – I have diferent kinds of products, the one of a kind dolls and soft toys, the ones from the printed collection: dolls, pillows, rattles, bibs, pouches, mobiles… The paper products – the prints + the paper cutout.
. What are your favorites?
. What lines of products would you like to see with more options / designs?  - The square pillows, would you like to see more designs on these? Or the rattles? Or the canvas zipper pouches? Or others?
. And the paper cutout posters, what are your thoughts on them?

I’m also decided on trying new tales for my bibs and the pillow dolls – what are you favorite tales?

I would love to know your opinions on my products and also what are your favorite posts.
You can leave a comment below or sent me an email
Eagerly ;) waiting for your replies!

Already I decided to end some products from the printed collection – so stay with me because I’ll enter SALE mode very soon!

more »


{ NEW } zipper pouch “Home is where the heart is”


The perfect pouch to make you happier and carry your stuff in style + the perfect gift for yourself or your best friend or your sweetheart… This adorable and useful zipper pouch helps you organize all the mislay things in your bag – it’s the perfect size to carry your makeup, pencils, notebooks, even your mobile phone or glasses because is fully padded.

Available here at my shop.

All my pillows + dolls + pouches are made with 100% cotton fabric printed with water based inks – and hand assembled with care in my studio in Lisbon.

© PinkNounou



Back to school?


Are your kids starting school this next weeks? Are you going crazy preparing everything – buying the books, supplies, going through the previous remaining supplies to see what you can use again? Tagging everything?…
Part of this can be fun – for me that loves pencils and color and papers and all art and stationary related… I get lost and amazed with the colors,  the softness of some pencils, the designs…
- I found a metal box of crayons with beautiful kind of vintage designs in the inside that I just could not resist… I confess, yes they are for me :) well my little one can “play” with them ounce in a while…
Following the list from school is not easy for all the reasons above ;) and because not all exists as described.

Tagging and marking everything it’s a time consuming task, last year – in the middle of the year – I remembered to use my resources ;) to mark my daughter’s supplies – I cutted little pieces of fabric and glue them (with white glue) to the top of pencils, the ruler, scissors, sharpener,… It can take a little but it’s a good method, it lasts long and these way she (and the others ;) knows this is hers!
How do you mark / tag your kids school supplies?


Would love to know how you arrange things for your kids back to school.

The zipper pouches in the images you know where they are ;) here at my shop – you have them with clouds, flowers, with quotes, in yellow, turquoise, gray,…


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