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simple St Valentine’s pompom gifts


I did a very simple gift to spread the love around our house ;) and to give our friends. Want to try it?
Make several pompons – as many as you want to use in your house or give (to your friends, for your kids to offer, or just to add fun and color in a corner of your house) + make little hearts in felt fabric and glue them to the pompons + put your pompons in sticks (it can be wooden skewers used for grilling or small branches) + write something really sweet on a small card and attach to the pompom = put them in your favorite vase or give it to you favorite person :)


© PinkNounou


DIY advent calendar by PinkNounou


By request of the little person here in the house I decided to make a new advent calendar – at first, because lately I’ve been very busy I thaught that it would be best to use one from the previous years but then I had an idea (with pom poms of course ;) so I decided to go for it.

It’s simple to make and you can always recycle it for other things also. Here’s what you will need:
+ patterned colorful papers (mine are from Tiger – oh and its best if you use unvarnished papers because its easier to attach the string)
+ small (about 6 cm high) peat containers like these ones for example
+ wool pom poms
+ string or yarn
+ washi tape
+ number decals
+ rotary circle cutter or a simple scissor and compass
+ glue
+ the activities or goodies or sweets that you want to put inside

Cut 24 circles (mine are 12 cm in diameter because my peat containers have a 6 cm diameter in the widest part)  +  cut 24 pieces of string  +  put the goodies or whatever inside the peat container  +  close with the paper circle  +  attach the string around the paper  +  turn upside down  +  cut a little piece of washi tape and on top scrape the numbers decals  +  glue the pom pom to the top (that used to be the bottom of the peat container)
Make the all 24 and wait for the first of December to surprise your little ones!

If you decide to make one inspired in mine please share some images, I would love to see them – and don’t forget to link back to me *


A pedido da mais pequena cá de casa resolvi fazer outro calendário do advento – de início pensei usar um dos que já tinha feito em anos anteriores, mas depois tive uma ideia (com pompons claro ;) e decidi-me a avançar com este novo.

É muito simples de fazer e sempre podem usar os materiais depois, para outras coisas. O que será necessário:
+ papel com padrões que vos agrade (o meu é de uns blocos da Tiger – é melhor papel sem verniz porque é mais fácil colocar o fio à volta)
+ vasos pequenos de turfa, como estes por exemplo
+ pompons de feltro de lã
+ fio ou lã
+ fita washi – por exemplo aqui
+ decalques de números
+ um cortador circular (destes) ou então um compasso e tesoura
+ cola
+ aquilo que querem pôr dentro dos vasinhos, podem ser actividades, um mini brinquedo, autocolantes, doces,…

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how to make ghost boxes for a fun Halloween


I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween (here in Portugal it wasn’t a very celebrated holiday – many years ago in the 1st of November children would do something similar to what happens in the USA but instead of sweets children would receive dry fruits from Fall) but in the last years we started doing a few fun things with our little one, including a special Halloween dinner with friends in a (very) spooky house ;)
So when I found these cute ghost treat boxes I knew I had to try them – It’s all explained how they are made here in Mr Printables (wonderful) blog.


Fall crafts to entertain your kids – and you ;)


Simple things you can make with what Fall has to offer…

1. leaves crown by Varpunen
2. forest mobile by Fine Litlle Day
3. acorns garland by Minimom


Fall garland


A simple Fall garland I made with my daughter – I used the leaves for some photos I took with my new Autumn dolls and now they are hanging on one of my studio walls :)

Just thread a few wool pom poms on a string and glue randomly some fall leaves – and your Fall decor is ready!

© PinkNounou



Love watermelon!


One of my favourite fruits is watermelon – and these watermelons caught my attention ;)
What about sending some snail mail with this lovely watermelon shaped note card? Or you can just add these yummy paper fruits into your kids play kitchen – just download the printable templates here at Mr Printables.

1. fruity notecards by Minieco
2. play fruit templates by Mr Printables
3. watermelon pinata diy by Oh happy day



How to make pompom fruits


Anyone that knows me a little is sure to know about this obsession I have about pom-poms. I love them! Wool, fabric or made with paper… In all colors and shapes. I’m always trying to incorporate them in my designs, my products or when decorating my daughters room.
A few years ago I bought a couple of pom-pom makers and I must say they have been used a lot! And now through this site I love – Mr Printables – I discovered that you can make letters, animals and these wonderful fruits.
Follow the easy tutorial here – loving the strawberries!

photos & diy from Mr Printables

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How to make clothes organizer bags


My daughter went to a school summer camp – she was super excited with it and she started asking me to make her bags about three months ahead ;) You can imagine by this how happy she was with this trip ;)
At school they asked parents to prepare the clothes and separete them by days (she’s 6, almost 7…) – one bag per day with the corresponding clothes.
So I decided to make five fabric bags, each one with her name and the day of the week.

Here’s how I did it and you can also make it for your little ones:
Cut five rectangles of thin white fabric (measuring about 21×52 cm – this can be adjusted according your kids age)
+ fold them in half (right sides inside) – now you have five 21×26 cm rectangles
+ sew both sides (the ones measuring 26 cm)
+ turn inside out
+ fold the tops twice – to make the seam – and in the middle pin on each side two ribbons (about 12 cm each) – pin them inside the two folds
+ sew the tops
+ design a little tag to identify the name and the day of the week – you can let your kids make their own designs and just scan them and then add the name and day
+ print the five designs in fabric transfer paper – you can find it here or here - follow the instructions but many have to be printed in mirror effect
+ iron the bags
+ cut the five tags and place them in each bag – iron according the instructions of your transfer paper
= Now you have 5 personalised bags that can be used several times (you can wash them)

Enjoy :)


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a simple Easter project to make with your kids


This egg carton box was decorated by my daughter, I just helped gluing everything – she made the drawings + then she painted the box in white + I glued the cutout drawings + in the end I brushed with white glue to thicken the box.
Now we just have to fill the box and play! :)

Happy Easter!


Esta caixa de ovos foi decorada pela minha filha – eu só colei ;) – ela fez os desenhos + pintou a caixa de branco + eu colei os desenhos recortados + e no final passei mais uma camada por cima de tudo, com cola branca, para endurecer a caixa.
Agora é só encher e brincar! :)
Feliz Páscoa!

© PinkNounou



I really like… these Easter cuties


Some things that caught my attention… so if you are feeling the need for a few Easter craft activities / diy / entertain your children… hands on to make these simple projects. The midle image are tattooed eggs, so buy some temporary tattoes to decorate your eggs or you can sketch your owns – by this I also mean ;) that you can let your little one draw their own tattoos – you just have to scan their drawings and then print them onto tattoo paper (for example found here).

1. Bunny basket diy from Mermag blog
2. Eggs decorated with Tattly via Swiss Miss
3. Free printable of a cupcake wrapper from Mr Printables blog


Algumas coisas que me chamaram a atenção…
Se está a começara a sentir a “febre” da Páscoa e quer dedicar-se a umas actividades manuais ou simplesmente entreter os seus pequenotes ;) mãos à obra porque estes são projectos bem simples. A imagem do meio mostra ovos tatuados – sim! Basta comprar tatuagens temporárias ou então fazê-las – também é muito simples: ponha a sua a criança a desenhar, digitalize os desenhos e depois imprima em papel transfer para tatuagem (pode por exemplo ser comprado aqui).

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