do you know my cloud pillows and my bunny dolls?

bunnies by PinkNounou -5

They are made with a soft beautiful 100% cotton fabric printed with my illustrations  (on the front) and are the perfect complement to a baby’s nursery or a fun kids room decor. Cloud pillow is available here at my shop.
The bunny dolls hold a tiny felt heart in their paws and love to be hugged and played with.
So, who want’s to play?


{ All About Playing } interview with Stephanie Cummings



Definition of play: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose; engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment; amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretence;

Since I make toys – and I’m a mother of a little one – I begin to grow more and more curious about playing. How children these days play, how parents interact and play with them, how can we play in a fun way with them, how playing can help children’s development…

For this interview I have the pleasure to introduce you to Stephanie and her family.

Please tell us a bit about you and your family.
My husband and I are lucky enough to live in a very leafy part of north London with our two girls, who are one and a half and nearly three years old. In January, I resigned my position as a journalist for the BBC to stay at home full time. I have a passion for books and reading and have always been fascinated with children’s literature and illustration. Given that love, and our family’s immersion in picture books following the birth of our elder daughter, developing Two in a Tepee, a blog celebrating the best of children’s storytelling and illustration, felt like a natural progression.

Best playground.
We are spoilt for choice in our area! The playground we visit the most frequently is in a park with a lovely paddling pool, which serves as an excellent distraction on hot summer days, and when empty the rest of the year, makes a terrific space for scooter riding. There is also a brilliant little cafe which (along with serving some mean, homemade, chicken goujons) holds children’s music and story based activities.

On a free day, what is your family’s favourite activity?
On Sundays we love going to our local farmer’s market. It is held in a near-by park and is a heaven for the senses. Our girls love checking out the flowers, fruit and veg and amazing food stalls. Our older daughter squeals with delight at the sight of a certain cake-pop stand, and our little one is a big fan of soft, doughy, freshly made, German pretzels. Both girls have struck up a relationship with the orchard owner who presses their favourite apple juice. He knows when we have missed a week and what colour straws the girls take in their glass bottles of juice. Given the high probability of rain on any given day in London, more often than not, the girls wear their wellies and waterproofs and splash about in muddy puddles. It is, pure and simple, good, clean (ok, often not so clean) fun.

How do you play with your girls? With what kind of toys?
My husband works long hours and doesn’t get home in time to see the girls before they go to bed. During the week, the only time we all get to spend together is the short window before my husband goes out the door to work in the morning. We have started a daily tradition of playing a few songs for the girls while we all dance together. Recently, Joy Division’s Love will Tear Us Apart and Gina G’s Ooh Ahh, Just a Little Bit have been in heavy rotation. The girls also demand at least one game each of hide and seek and “can’t catch me!” from their dad before he goes off for the day.

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welcome Spring!


Flowers are blooming, everything is more colorful… cute bunnies everwhere :)


bunny and flower pillows

bunnies by PinkNounou -7

Bunnies are popping everywhere :) What do you think of these cuties?
They remember us that Spring and Easter are almost here.
Both available at my shop here and here.


FREEBIE { father’s day bookmark }

2017March printable -FathersDay - by PinkNounou - 1

Here in Portugal we celebrate Father’s day on the 19th of March, so here is a printable that you can save for later if you celebrate it further ahead :)

Simply download the file bellow (also made an english version ;) – then print it in your own printer with white paper + cut around the shapes + fold in the middle + glue two pieces of magnet on the inside blank part (cut from magnet sheets) = buy your kid’s father a book and surprise him with a personalized bookmark.

Please remenber this file is for personal use only. Under no circumstances you can use it for commercial purposes (cannot be sold, or distributed or used in any other way). Please respect my work.

If you are kind enough to share about this post, don’t forget to credit and link back to my blog.

I would LOVE to see how you used my bookmark - send me photos * the most creative one will receive another little gift.


O dia do Pai está quase aí – dia 19 de Março é para celebrar com o melhor Pai :)

Só têm que fazer o download do ficheiro mais abaixo - e depois imprimi-lo na vossa impressora em papel + recortar + dobrar ao meio + colar dois pedaços de íman (recortados duma folha de íman) na parte interior que não tem nada impresso = agora é só comprar um livro para o pai do seu filhote e juntar este marcador feito mesmo, mesmo só para ele :)

Por favor não se esqueçam que este ficheiro / ilustração é apenas para uso pessoal. Sob nenhuma circunstância pode ser usado para fins comerciais (não pode ser vendido, distribuído ou usado de nenhuma outra forma). Por favor, respeite o meu trabalho.
Se quiserem partilhar sobre este post, não se esqueçam de creditar e linkar para o meu blogue.

Gostava imenso de saber como usaram este marcador - enviem-me fotografias * a mais criativa receberá outra pequena oferta.

© PinkNounou

2017March printable -FathersDay - by PinkNounou - 2


- Hello!

bunnies by PinkNounou -3

- I’m a sweet bunny, love to play and to be hugged. Who want’s to adopt me?
Currently living here.


your kids best friends?

animal soft toys by PinkNounou -1

So, do you prefer bunnies, pandas, polar bears or cats? :)

Don’t know if you know it – maybe you’re new here ;) – but these cuties are all designed by me, the front is printed onto a soft medium weight 100% cotton fabric (love this fabric!) with my character illustration. Then they are hand cut individually and sew by me – all made with extra care and in small batches so sometimes they are a little different.
Some of them, like the cat, you can choose the bow tie color (kittens love their bows in yellow, light pink, mint or green).
The sweet polar bear has a pom pom (do you know about my pom pom obsession?! ;) – you can choose a yellow or pink pom pom.

They are all available at my shop – bunnypanda + polar bear + kitten

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Quais são os vossos preferidos – coelhos, pandas, ursos polares ou gatos?

Não sei se sabem – talvez ainda não nos conheçam bem ;) – mas este grupinho divertido foi todo desenhado e criado por mim, a ilustração da frente é impressa num tecido macio 100% algodão (adoro este tecido!). Em seguida, os bonecos são cortados à mão individualmente e cosidos por mim – tudo feito com paciência e carinho, em pequenas quantidades, e por isso por vezes, eles são um pouco diferentes.
Alguns deles, como o gato, pode-se escolher a cor do laço (estes gatos são muito vaidosos e adoram laços amarelos, rosa claro, hortelã ou verdes).
A ursinha polar tem um pompom (se calhar já perceberam a minha obsessão com pompons ?! ;) – é possível escolher a cor do pompom entre amarelo ou rosa.

Estão todos disponíveis na minha loja - coelha + panda + ursa polar + gato

Não se esqueçam de que para saber de todas as novidades em primeira mão só tem de subscrever a minha newsletter aqui.



feliz Dia da Mulher

sketch by PinkNounou 6

We are strong, we can do it!
Happy Women’s Day!


Hansel and Gretel tale bib

bib with Hansel&Gretel tale by PinkNounou -2

Do you know how my bibs can help you while you are feeding your baby or toddler? – They have a tale written on the front of the bib. You have a little help remembering the story and your baby is happy and so distracted with the tale that quickly eats everything ;)
The bibs are available with the tales written in english or portuguese. The “Hansel and Gretel” tale bib fits babies and toddlers.
Another good thing is that they are made with an impermeable terry cloth fabric on the back – so no mess goes to their clothes.

Other tales are also available:
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White and the seven dwarfs
Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
The Princess and the Pea

And we have a happy customer :)


Sabem como os meus babetes podem ajudar? – Eles têm uma história escrita na frente – uma pequena ajuda para a mãe ou pai se lembrar da história ;) O bebé fica tão feliz e distraído que rapidamente come tudo :)
Os babetes estão disponíveis com as histórias escritas em inglês ou português. Aqui temos o babete com a história “Hansel e Gretel”.
Outra coisa boa é que eles são feitos com um tecido turco impermeável na parte de trás – por isso não passa nada para a roupa.

Outras histórias também disponíveis:
Capuchinho Vermelho
Branca de Neve e os sete anões
Três porquinhos e o lobo mau
A Princesa e a Ervilha

E parece que temos um cliente feliz :)

bib with Hansel&Gretel tale by PinkNounou -1


drawing and starting to paint my watercolors

sketch by PinkNounou 1

I continue to be in kind of a drawing frenzy mode ;) I’m constantly sketching and watercoloring so get ready for lot’s of updates on my sketch book :)


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